2020: My Year in Writing

As 2020 draws to a close, I thought I’d round up all the articles I’ve published during the year, both on this blog and around the web. I hope you’ll browse through the list and read an article or two that catch your eye.

My Blog

Christian Living & Theology

Perplexed But Not Despairing
Our Weeping Saviour
The Missing Ingredient in Your Christian Reading
Revitalize Your Quiet Times With Psalm 119
Two Invisible Enemies: How Satan Might Use a Pandemic
What Difference Does the Trinity Make in Our Assurance?
Can We Trust a Happy Ending?
Abide With Me
A Little While
Is Your Leadership a Burden to Others?
Steady March
Grace Matters Right Now
Meditate on the Excellencies of Christ
What You Need to Know When the Future is Murky
The View from the Ferris Wheel
We Know How This Ends
What Difference Does the Trinity Make in Temptation?
Which Words Matter More?
Sanctification in Strange and Mundane Days
The Happiest Day in the Bleakest Time
The Final Walk: How Harry Potter Helps Me to Understand Jesus’ Love
Consider the Cost of Your Sin
How I’m Praying in a Pandemic
Cling to Christ
26 Reasons to Rejoice on My 26th Birthday
Gratitude Helps Us Long for Heaven
Keep Watch Over One Another
Facing Discouragement with Elijah
Leaders, Resolve to Remember the Gospel This Year
Comfort for the Weary Christian
Seeing Jesus in a Sitcom Friendship
Don’t Stop at 10,000 Reasons
How to Prepare for Sunday

Book Reviews

My Favourite Books of 2020
When the Dragons Sing
10 Favourite Quotes from ‘Everyday Faithfulness’
A Must-Read Resource for Christian Bloggers
What’s On My Nightstand? — September 2020
What’s On My Nightstand? — August 2020
Talking About the Puritans on Reformers Bookcast
Book Review: Everyday Faithfulness (Glenna Marshall)
Review: An Epic Documentary
A Few Suggestions for Pandemic Reading
Book Review: With All Your Heart (A. Craig Troxel)
Book Review: Created to Draw Near (Edward T. Welch)
Book Review: Epic (Tim Challies)
Book Review: Humble Calvinism (J.A. Medders)
Book Review: 7 Myths about Singleness (Sam Allberry)
Book Releases I’m Anticipating in 2020
10 Favourite Quotes from ‘The Problem Of Pain’ by C.S. Lewis

Link Roundups

Each month I posted one or two link roundups: January & January #2 / February / March & March #2 / April & April #2 / May / June / July / August / September / October & October #2 / November


The Gospel Coalition

Let Hobbits Teach You Humility
The Ancient Problem of Discontentment


The Gospel Coalition Australia

Reading Narnia While the World Burns
Review: Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund
Review: Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God (Multimedia Documentary)
Cling to Christ


Reformers Bookshop

Book Review: A Place to Belong (Megan Hill)
Book Review: Assured (Greg Gilbert)
Book Review: Transformed By Truth (Katherine Forster)


Church Society

Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

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