26 Reasons to Rejoice on My 26th Birthday

God is good to me every single day, but there are certain times that I particularly notice his blessings. Like today, as I turned 26. The clock has just passed midnight so my birthday is officially over. But I want to keep remembering God’s kindness to me, so this is a quickly-assembled list of reasons I have to be thankful to him.

  1. The constant grace of Jesus. This morning I read parts of John 18, where Peter denies Jesus. I was reminded of my own weakness and cowardice, and encouraged by how Jesus forgives Peter and meets him with grace. No matter what I’ve done, I can always return to Jesus and find mercy.
  2. The cooler weather in the mornings which allowed me to sit out on the back deck to do my Bible reading.
  3. It’s Friday, so I spent my birthday night at youth group. They brought a cake for me, as well as a bouquet of flowers and a huge card signed by everyone. One of the youth parents organised the flowers and said “Thanks for hanging out with my kids on your birthday.” I’m so thankful for the wonderful kids, my co-leaders, and thoughtful parents.
  4. Having the opportunity at youth group to talk to the girls about contentment. They face so many pressures and expectations from the world around them, but we were able to urge them to seek their joy Jesus. Truly, nothing and nobody else will ever satisfy!
  5. The encouragement is was to my heart to remember the goodness of God. As I taught the girls, I was convicted that my discontented heart keeps searching for satisfaction apart from him.
  6. Eating ice cream sundaes while we talked about all that.
  7. My wonderful job, so working on my birthday didn’t feel like such a drag!
  8. A kind, encouraging birthday card from my sisters.
  9. Getting to talk to my niece over video call for a few minutes this morning, as we have the same birthday.
  10. Chocolate donuts.
  11. All my wonderful family and friends who called, texted, and spoiled me with gifts. I’m honestly blown away by the richness of relationships that God has been so kind to give me. Sometimes birthdays can be hard as a single person because you don’t have a partner to make a big deal of it. But God has given me such wonderful people around me that I feel so loved. No pangs on loneliness today.
  12. I’m looking forward to spending time with all four of my grandparents tomorrow.
  13. Being able to take a few hours off work this afternoon to hang out with one of my best friends.
  14. Thoughtful gifts which prove that people love me and remember things I say.
  15. A new book arriving in the mail.
  16. Mum and dad ordering my favourite dinner (Thai food!)
  17. Reading my friend Glenna Marshall’s beautiful post on how a year of Bible reading changes us.
  18. Good health as the coronavirus continues to spread.
  19. A few quiet moments to read Harry Potter. It’s become a bit of a tradition to read it on my birthday.
  20. The preserving grace of God that has brought me safe thus far, and will eventually lead me home.
  21. Even though today was very busy, and the weekend will be too, I was able to take a full day of rest yesterday and be refreshed.
  22. The tall stack of books on my nightstand that I hope to dig into when I have more time next week—including a very nerdy gift from my parents, The Copyeditor’s Handbook.
  23. Looking forward to meeting with my discipleship group for breakfast tomorrow—the birthday celebrations are going to continue as they make me poached eggs!
  24. My ESL students who gave me big hugs today when they found out it was my birthday.
  25. The wonderful feeling I’m about to have of crawling into my warm, cozy bed at the end of a tiring day.
  26. Knowing I will have a hundred more reasons to praise God by the end of tomorrow. His mercies aren’t just for special days on the calendar.

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