A Few Suggestions for Pandemic Reading

My goal is to read 60 books this year, and I’m already 9 books ahead of schedule. Even though this pandemic hasn’t completely shut down my life, it has given me a little more time and desire to read. If you’re the same, you might already be searching around for your next book. Here are a few suggestions that are particularly relevant.

The Promise is His Presence by Glenna Marshall

In this era of social distancing, we need to know that God is always with us. Glenna traces the theme of God’s presence through the whole narrative of the Bible. She shows how this is the best news for us in the midst of suffering.
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Fight Your Fears by Kristen Wetherell

It’s obvious why I recommend this one. So many of us are facing fear at the moment, whether that’s about our health, loved ones, job security, or simply what the next day will look like. Kristen teaches us that the antidote to these fears is not raw courage, but rather trusting in the character and promises of God.
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With All Your Heart by A. Craig Troxel

This book might not be on many pandemic reading lists. But suffering reveals what’s really in our hearts—and so we come face to face with our sin. Troxel helps us think about how we can and must orient our mind, desires, and will towards God. Use this time of crisis well by tending to your heart.
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None Like Him by Jen Wilkin

The thing we need most in any time of suffering is to know God better. When we get to know his power, knowledge and immutability, we learn to trust and praise him rightly. With this book Jen has given us a rich yet accessible introduction to the doctrine of God.
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Dying Thoughts by Richard Baxter

Stick with me. You may think this is a super depressing thing to read at this time, but we need it now more than ever. Baxter’s treatise on Philippians 1:23 equips us to face death (whether now or in fifty years) with firm joy in Jesus.
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