April Links #1

Once or twice a month, I gather up links to some of my favourite reading and resources from the past fortnight. I’d love to know what you’ve been reading in the comments too.


10 Church Members God Especially Calls Me To Love
Tim Challies gives and incredibly helpful and challenging call to people in ministry, reminding us that we have “not been called to a life of ease, but a life of service, even to those who sometimes make that service a trial.”

Be a Broken Record
“Now more than ever is the time we need to be encouraged and given hope. We are repetitive because our hope is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and it will always remain the most important thing in our lives. Be a broken record, and repeat it.”

Project Justify-Me
Glen Scrivener writes about the surprising joy of conviction: “My conscience was pricked, my pride was deflated and suddenly I could simply be the sinner that I had always been.”

8 things you need to know about counseling
This article isn’t about formal counseling, but rather the informal personal ministry that all believers are called to practice with one another. Even with all its challenges, Jeremy Pierre concludes that “the labor of personal ministry is worth it.”


Mission in a time of global pandemic (Centre for Christian Living)
A helpful conversation about how we can still be on mission during this pandemic, with lots of practical tips for reaching out to unbelievers.

Same Sex Attracted. Biblically Faithful. (Good Book Company)
Sam Allberry, Rachel Gilson and Rebecca McLaughlin discuss how the biblical view of sexuality is actually good news for those who experience same-sex attraction.



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