December Links

Twice a month, I gather up links to some of my favourite reading and resources from the past fortnight. I’d love to know what you’ve been reading in the comments too.


“I tend to elevate tasks and schedules and crossing items off of my to-do lists. These things fit nicely into the boxes I draw for how I want my life to look. In contrast, valuing people requires much of my time and energy. It’s often messy. It rarely sticks to a schedule.” Whoops, this is a struggle for me too!


I always appreciate how honest John Piper is about his continuing struggles with sin. As a young person, it’s also important to be reminded that my war against sin will be lifelong.


I love theology, but it can be dangerous to my pride. There’s a helpful list of evidences of doctrinal righteousness, which you can use to evaluate your own heart.


Another great article on the theme of pride and legalism. Sam Storms helps us distinguish what legalism actually is, and evaluate whether we fall into this trap.


On John Chau: There’s been plenty of coverage in the media about the death of missionary John Chau. Even Christians have disagreed about how we should view his actions. We need to be careful and nuanced—here are a few articles that have helped me as I think through the issue:



“We must never let ourselves get into a mindset that God’s favor is on us only in the moments after significant confession of sin. That’s a legal mindset that contradicts the gospel.” Practical counsel on repentance from John Piper.


“Is God Anti-Gay?” with Sam Allberry (Centre for Christian Living, episode 20)
Sam Allberry always brings much-needed love, gentleness, and nuance to this issue. Whenever I’ve heard him speak, I’ve come away reminded again that the Cross puts us all on a level playing field: desperately needing Jesus!



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