March Links #2: Coronavirus Edition

As well as spreading rapidly around the world, the coronavirus has also taken over the media. It seems like every single article on Christian and secular blogs is covering some aspect of the virus. Not that I can complain—earlier this week I wrote a post about how the pandemic is shaping my prayers. As Christians, we do need to be thinking carefully and biblically about this massive event. Here are some of the most helpful links I’ve found.


Love in the Time of Coronavirus: A guide for Christian leaders by Andy Crouch [or Justin Taylor’s summary: A Guide for Christian Leaders in the Time of Coronavirus]

We’re Not At The Gates Yet by Chris Thomas

Of Love, Sacrifice, and Toilet Paper by Glenna Marshall

Christians, This Is Our Moment: A Call to Clarity and Mission by Ed Stetzer and Andrew Macdonald

A Practical Way to Love Your (Self-Isolated) Neighbor by Elijah Elkins

Pastoring Through a Pandemic by Darryl Dash

5 Things to Remember When the Coronavirus Cancels Your Life by Brett Harris


The Gospel Coalition has a whole section on coronavirus resources, including some of the articles I’ve just linked to.

Brett McCracken has put together a relevant playlist: Songs of Comfort for Anxious Souls (Free Playlist)


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