November Links

Twice a month, I gather up links to some of my favourite reading and resources from the past fortnight. I’d love to know what you’ve been reading in the comments too.


We can’t hear this message enough: “Paul stresses that those who unhitch themselves from the OT put themselves in danger of falling away from God.”

“We have not yet come into final bliss. Our joy, for now, is gritty. It’s mixed. It’s not simple. It’s not uncurbed, untainted, undiluted. And yet it is real.”

I’m a bit of all of these (and a lot of the last one), so this gave some helpful ways to reflect and make plans to care for others better.

Stephen Altrogge provides an essential corrective to the way we commonly act: giving up on our Bible reading plan when we don’t feel like it’s changing anything.

Helpful reminder that joy is an essential part of Christian leadership. I’ve always got plenty to learn from Jonathan Edwards.


This podcast on writing is one of my favourites, and I particularly loved hearing from Tim Chester.

Sam Allberry always speaks with wisdom and grace on difficult subjects.

I knew nothing about Helen Roseveare before listening to this, and now I’m eager to read her books. What an extraordinary account of God’s sustaining grace through a lifetime!


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