October Links

Once or twice a month, I gather up links to some of my favourite reading and resources from the past fortnight. I’d love to know what you’ve been reading in the comments too.


I Am a False Prophet
A brief but profound look at the pointlessness of worrying.

More, Not Less
“The truth is that my flesh will always desire to turn to physical remedies: sleep, Netflix binges, food, drink, me-time, pampering—worldly, physical versions of self-care. But none of those things will tip up my chin to look to Christ.” Glenna explains why we should lean into our spiritual blessings more when we don’t feel like it.

7 Tips for Aspiring Christian Writers
As a Christian writer, I need to make sure I’m paying just as much attention to why and how I write, not just what I write. Alex’s reflections were helpful in thinking this through.

Fill Your Heavy Heart with Heaven
Timeless counsel from the Puritan Richard Baxter for those seasons where you feel discouraged and downcast.

We All Struggle With Wanting Praise, So What Does It Mean to Seek God’s Glory and Not Your Own?
Ryan seeks to answer the question of how we can glorify God when we struggle (as all humans do) with pride and self-seeking.


‘Justified’ series (Sydney University Evangelical Union)
My old campus group had their Annual Conference on the theme of justification this year. The talk series is excellent, as always!

Jen Wilkin on Reclaiming Sunday School for a New Generation (TGC)
My church is very different (and much smaller), but Jen Wilkin’s talk about Christian education in the local church still gave me plenty of ideas for how to train people in handling the Bible.

Glenna Marshall – The Promise is His Presence: Why God is Always Enough (Equipping You in Grace)
Glenna talks about how suffering has taught her to value God’s nearness, and encourages us to persevere through pain too.

Jared C. Wilson — Faithfulness in Writing (Pastor Writer)
I always love hearing about the writing process from prolific authors like Jared.



  1. Dave Jenkins October 27, 2019 at 12:01 pm

    Hi Cassie,

    Thank you for listening and sharing my interview with Glenna. I hope you have a nice Lord’s Day tomorrow.

    Dave Jenkins
    Executive Director, Servants of Grace Ministries

    1. Cassie Watson October 28, 2019 at 9:18 am

      You’re very welcome, Dave! I discovered your podcast through Glenna’s interview, and I’m looking forward to listening to more episodes.


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