April Links

Once or twice a month, I gather up links to some of my favourite reading and resources from the past fortnight. I’d love to know what you’ve been reading in the comments too.


Listing them without explanation today, because there are so many!

A Practical Plan for Growing in Bible Literacy

Personal ministry that counts: How to love and serve each other

When Singleness Doesn’t Feel Good…

Compressing Spiritual Growth in the Age of Acceleration

A Plea for Pastors to Get Outdoors

You Were Made to Yearn

The One Life Dream That Makes a Girl Blush

Pastors’ Forum: How do you equip women in your church for ministry?

Not Going to Hell


Christine Hoover on training and equipping women (Better Together)

Pure gold from Christine Hoover and Trillia Newbell. I loved hearing their passion for equipping women to teach the gospel, and their wisdom on the various ways this can be done. I listened to this in the car and definitely plan to listen again so I can take notes.

Ray Ortlund on Finishing Well in Ministry(The Gospel Coalition)

As someone just starting out in ministry, I need to be thinking now about how to finish well. The mindsets and habits I develop now will stay with me for years and decades. (Also, TGC now does transcripts of their podcasts. So helpful!)

I’m an Anxious Person — How Do I ‘Rest in Christ’? (Ask Pastor John, episode 1312)

We often wrongly conflate rest with bingeing television shows. This was a helpful corrective, drawing us to rest instead in the gentle friendship of Jesus.


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