August Links

Once or twice a month, I gather up links to some of my favourite reading and resources from the past fortnight. I’d love to know what you’ve been reading in the comments too.


Two Ways Every Christian Can Be Pastoral
“When each part engages in pastoral ministry, the church gets more stable, not less.” Important guidance on how the whole church can be involved in caring for people—don’t leave it all to the pastors!

Hints of Heaven, Glimpses of Glory
A beautiful reflection from Chris Thomas on how the world of Narnia is a portal that allows us to glimpse eternity.

Make Sunday Mornings Uncomfortable
This is hard. But imagine how our church gatherings would be transformed if we followed Rebecca’s advice!

What is the Aim of Christian Writing?
I’ve been thinking a lot about faithful writing lately, and Cody gave me some important questions to chew over.

You Don’t Just Have To Or Get To. You Need To.
Jaquelle gives us an essential (and often neglected) perspective on Bible reading.

The Gift of Accepting Help
“Trading in our self-sufficiency for relying on God and the community he’s given us is a tangible way to demonstrate our beliefs.” Yeah, I’m really bad at this.


How to Encourage the Ministry of Women in Your Church (TGC)
What an insightful panel with some fabulous ladies!

Singleness, Same-Sex Attraction, and Preaching with Sam Allberry (Pastor Well with Hershael York)
I always appreciate Sam’s wisdom on living the single life, and caring for those in our churches who are single.

Carson and Duncan on Moving from Exegesis to Exposition (TGC)
I found it really helpful to listen in on this conversation between two excellent Bible teachers.

Come Away For Awhile (The Next Right Thing Podcast)
Emily P. Freeman hosts the most soothing podcast ever. It’s one of the few podcasts I listen to on normal speed (2x is usually where it’s at). In this episode, she invites us to come away, rest, and connect with God.


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