June Links

Once or twice a month, I gather up links to some of my favourite reading and resources from the past fortnight. I’d love to know what you’ve been reading in the comments too.


It’s Like in the Great Stories, Mr. Frodo
Madelyn Canada on how Lord of the Rings helps us reflect on the fallenness of this world.

3 Principles to Practice Sabbath Rest
I think we all need a little more rest these days. God has generously provided the Sabbath as a time of recuperation—how can we use it well?

Welcome Whatever Keeps You from Pride
Marshall Segal helps us see how we can be content in our trials when they humble us and bring us to rely more on God.

Zoomed Out: Freedom from Consuming All the Resources During Quarantine
I’m thankful for all the free resources that have been made available in quarantine. But I’m also a little overwhelmed by them. I need this permission to let go of my expectations for myself.

‘Obedience Will Make You Miserable’
“We will still deny ourselves, practice obedience, and kill our sin, to be sure. But we will not dare for a moment to think that we are exchanging happiness for holiness.”


Patrick Schreiner On Writing (Home Row)
This podcast is always filled with great writing advice and inspiration. Patrick Schreiner somehow juggles six writing projects at once, so we can certainly learn from him.

Ask Jani: “What should I do while waiting to get married?” (He Restores My Soul)
Jani Ortlund and her husband Ray answer questions about singleness. I particularly appreciated what she said about checking our emotions as we serve, to make sure we’re acting out of love for God and not grudgingly.

What does communion with the Trinity look like? (Credo Podcast)
I’ve been thinking and writing a bit about the Trinity lately. This episode is helpful in thinking through what it actually looks like to have communion with our Triune God.


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