June Links

Once or twice a month, I gather up links to some of my favourite reading and resources from the past fortnight. I’d love to know what you’ve been reading in the comments too.


How to Instill and Use Habits to Form the Heart
This article is aimed at biblical counsellors, but still insightful for personal reflection and for helping others develop good habits.

Let Go of the Life You Wanted
“Let go of the life that never came. Embrace the life you have. Wait for the life that soon shall be.”

Confession ≠ Repentance
I found this one helpful in thinking through how to keep the gospel central in accountability.

He Sees with New Eyes
One of the many beautiful tributes to David Powlison after he passed away last week. John Piper: “I say “love,” not “loved,” because that’s the way love is. It doesn’t cease to be during separations. And this one will be short.”


Taylor Turkington and Courtney Doctor on TGC’s Women’s Training Network (Help Me Teach the Bible)
I love that TGC has started this training network—just wish it was happening in Australia too! This interview gave me lots of ideas for training women in my local church.

My Joy Is So Short-Lived — How Do I Make It Last? (Ask Pastor John, episode 1333) & Is It Sinful to Want to Die? (Ask Pastor John, episode 1342)
In these episodes, John Piper gives insightful responses to two reader questions relating to joy.


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