My Favourite Books of 2020

You know the drill. Here are some of the best books I read this year (though not all were published in 2020). They’re in no particular order. If you’re itching to spend a gift voucher from Christmas, or start off your new year with a fresh TBR pile, you can’t go wrong with any of these picks!

Knowing God by J. I. Packer

This is on countless lists of all-time favourite books, so it shouldn’t have taken me so long to get around to it! But maybe 2020 was the perfect time to read Knowing God for the first time. In a year where I had no certainty about what would happen next, I found comfort in knowing who God is. There’s a reason this one is a classic.

None Like Him by Jen Wilkin

If you’re a little intimidated by Packer’s book, here’s a smaller and more accessible introduction to the attributes of God. I’ll read anything Jen Wilkin publishes, because she writes with clarity, wit, and faithfulness to Scripture.

Everyday Faithfulness by Glenna Marshall

This is one of those books that I find myself recommending constantly. Glenna helps us to understand and pursue faithfulness to God in every season of life—whether we’re sick, suffering, or just plain busy. Read my full review or my 10 favourite quotes.

Lewis on the Christian Life by Joe Rigney

I love reading C. S. Lewis, so this book was fascinating! Rigney examines the life and theology of Lewis through the dominant themes in his writings. The first chapter on ‘The Choice’ has stuck with me since I read it.

Blogging for God’s Glory in a Clickbait World by Benjamin Vrbicek and John Beeson

As a blogger, I think it’s so important for me to think about how and why I write. Vrbicek and Beeson have produced a unique book which helped me ponder these questions. Highly recommended for any Christian writer. You can read my full review here.

Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund

I’m pretty sure this is going to be on everybody’s list of favourite books this year. Ortlund explores the heart of Christ towards us in a devotional and theologically rich volume. You’ll want to read this slowly and bask in the beauty of Jesus. Read my full review here.

A Place to Belong by Megan Hill

In a year where worship looked very different than usual, Megan Hill’s book helped me to appreciate my church more. Each chapter looks at a different biblical word for the church, like saints, body, and flock. It will kindle your desire to love and serve the believers God has placed around you. Read my full review here.

Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God

I’m cheating a bit here, because this isn’t strictly a book. The Puritan deluxe edition contains a feature-length documentary, video lessons, a gift book, and a workbook. Together, they serve as a fascinating exploration of Puritan history and teaching. Read my full review here.

Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks

In addition to that documentary, I read a few Puritan works this year. One of my favourites was Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices. Brooks gives us a handbook to use against Satan, who wants to keep us from loving and trusting Jesus. I reflected on why we need this book during the COVID-19 pandemic here.

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson

Yes, this is a middle-grade fantasy series. And yes, it’s incredible. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to read a novel that is more than just escapism, that will send you back to your normal life with a greater longing for eternity. I’ve just ordered the rest of the series and I can’t wait to see where the story goes next! Read my full review here.

The Copyeditor’s Handbook by Amy Einsohn

Alright, this one might not have wide appeal. But I set out to learn the basics of copyediting in 2020, and this book was indispensable! It’s basically a textbook but I read it cover to cover. I doubt anyone will go out and read it, but I got so much enjoyment out of it that I couldn’t not put in on this list.

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