My Favourite Podcasts

We’ve reached the inescapable era of podcasts. It seems like people are trading recommendations every week, so I thought I’d jump in with a few of my own.

Home Row

This my favourite podcast at the moment! Jeff Medders chats with Christian writers about their work, faith, and lives. I always come away inspired to write, and with plenty of practical tools and tips.

Age of Minority

Jaquelle and Sean Crowe, a father-daughter duo, tackle an array of topics on theology and living as a Christian. It’s aimed at young people, but I’m sure anyone would benefit. Their banter is top-quality—they’ve made me look like a lunatic on several occasions as I’ve laughed out loud in public places.

Ask Pastor John

This is classic Piper—quick, pithy, yet thoughtful and biblical answers to just about any question you can think of about theology, the Bible, and Christian living.

Help Me Teach the Bible

Nancy Guthrie’s passion for biblical theology has taught me so much about how to read the Bible well. She interviews Bible teachers, always asking thoughtful and helpful questions, and pressing into the practicality of how to teach different books and concepts. 

For the Church

A great complement to one of my favourite blogs. Jared Wilson covers various aspects of ministry life, which I’ve found really helpful even as a layperson. The episodes are long enough to provide plenty of value, but short enough to be digestible. 

Theology on the Go

I love a good Reformed theology podcast, and this one is my favourite at the moment. They discuss a different topic of theology each episode—everything from hell to sacraments to sanctification. 

The One Thing

As I’m just starting my ministry journey, this podcast has given me a glimpse behind the scenes. In each short episode, they give one practical tip for gospel-centred ministry. Not every episode has been directly relevant to what I’ll be responsible for as an apprentice, but they get me thinking through the why and how of ministry. And as a bonus, they’re Australian!

The Productivity Show

I’m a productivity nerd, and Asian Efficiency is among the best of the best. Their episodes are always long, thorough, and well-researched. You’ll learn plenty of practical tips for improving your productivity, but also the frameworks and mindsets that lay behind peak performance.

Honourable Mentions

Pastor Writer (conversations with pastors about writing and reading)
Desiring God: Sermon of the Day (John Piper preaches a lot)
TGC Podcast (lectures, workshops, and interviews from The Gospel Coalition)
White Horse Inn (Reformed theology)
Centre for Christian Living Podcast (application of biblical ethics to everyday issues)
Rooted Ministry (on youth ministry)
Pastor’s Heart (interviews with Australian pastors)
CCEF on the Go (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation)
By Faith (Christine Hoover interviews guests about the Christian life)
The Art of Godliness (Tim Challies and Paul Martin discuss everyday holiness)

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