November Links


Intellectual Disabilities and The Church
“Personhood is the foundation of integration. As with any minority group, social class, or gender, the imago Dei must be the starting point. There is no us vs. them in the kingdom of God.”

With God, Nothing is Wasted
This one is aimed at mothers, but I still found it greatly encouraging: “If Christ is the cornerstone of all of our endeavors, every experience in our lives will carry eternal purpose.”

Zombie Sins
Chris Thomas: “A zombie sin stalks with frightening persistence, well-versed in our weaknesses and well-educated at the limitations of our self-control.”

Beauty in the Barren Fields
A beautiful meditation on the beauty of God’s nearness from Madelyn Canada.


Safe at Home (Home Fires)
“Usually we think holiness is the thing that we work at. But what would it feel like if holiness were the relief? If that were the place where we felt respite and safety?”

Meditation (Gospel in Life)
Tim Keller teaches us about the essential spiritual discipline of Bible meditation.

Needed: Titus 2 Women for Romans 1 World
An encouraging call for discipleship among older and younger women.


Anyone who writes (or is thinking about writing) should grab the newly released book Blogging for God’s Glory in a Clickbait World by Benjamin Vrbicek and John Beeson. I wrote a review earlier this month if you want to learn more.


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